Navigating the University Process


Our Vision

At Global Educational Consultants we strive to find the best fit for every student. Gauging a student’s academic, social, and learning strengths are as much art as science. We pride ourselves on seeking campuses that will help students thrive in the next phase of their education and believe there are always several environments that match every student.

Global Educational Consultants believes that student opportunities have expanded exponentially in recent years. GEC encourages students to have an open mind and consider broadening their horizons—whatever that means for each student. College is a time of exploration, learning and growth so finding the environment that meets the needs of the student is critical. The strategy involved in the application process comes from experience working with students of all academic levels, learning styles and high schools.

The rich and diverse experience GEC has illustrates its ability to be flexible, creative and collaborative. GEC has a large professional network of educators, tutors, admissions staff, psychologists and colleagues, among others, to use as resources. Working on two continents allows GEC a wider network of professional resources as well as a broader knowledge base.

GEC provides guidance and structure while promoting independence to prepare students for college. The consultants at GEC pride themselves on their ability to blend a student’s values and interests with a college experience they desire. Celebrating student successes is what makes educational consulting gratifying!