Navigating the University Process


Strategies and Scaffolding

Using a variety of tools and strategies Global Educational Consultants works with a variety of students, tailoring the search and application process to each student’s needs. From 2 and 4-year colleges to pre-professional and liberal arts programs, music theatre and culinary arts, to students transferring to different colleges—GEC has the experience and ability to assist in navigating the process.

Some of the services that Global Educational Consultants provide are:

  • Explore academic and extracurricular interests
  • Review school records and test scores
  • Provide standardized test recommendations 
  • Test preparation resources and referrals
  • Identify student strengths and learning styles 
  • Create a list of colleges that are appropriate for student 
  • Strategize where and when to apply
  • Brainstorm and discuss essay topics
  • Edit application essays and resumes
  • Provide insight as to how applications are read
  • Organize and breakdown the entire application process 
  • Give deadlines for each task every step of the way
  • Proofread applications before submission
  • Keep parents abreast of process and progress
  • Recommendations regarding campus visits 

Through individual student meetings Global Educational Consultants is able to make recommendations to students and families concerning academic interests and options.  Subscribing to experiential learning, GEC explains to students what critical information they need and demonstrates how to find it. Using websites, books, blogs, admissions staff and social media, GEC illustrates how to cull the most current information and data available. Providing structure and assistance all along the way keeps students on track to meet all their application deadlines.